Credit Restoration

If you are in need of credit repair, I can also help you with that!

I am an agent for Financial Education Services and we specialize in helping to restore and help you build your credit.

When purchasing a home, your credit is the number 1 factor in determining whether you qualify for a loan or not. Having prequalification for a loan makes your offer strong. You want to go in fully equipped and having your credit in order is a great first step.

If you need help getting your credit where it needs to be, contact me and let’s get you started!

Here is some quick information about our services:

The process is pretty simple, Whatever negative items on your credit report will be disputed to be deleted. We do a hard pull on your credit report and dispute every negative item on your report at the same time with all 3 credit agencies, creating a very quick turnaround. Customers start seeing results in just 45-90 days with us.

You will also get your own customer portal to track your progress every step of the way and about 12 other additional services at no additional cost which includes but are not limited to:

● Credit Restoration
● Credit Builder
● Credit Attorney
● Will, Trust, POA
● Lifelock
● Financial Lockbox
● Smart Credit
● DebtZero
● FES Travel
● And More

Take a look at the video:

Career Opportunities Available! Contact me to learn more!

FES Credit Repair Services
Tamika Lebby
Credit Educator
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